Your successful job begins with Us!

HumanLab is a recruitment agency specializing in searching, recruiting and assessment of professionals. We are a privately-held company with headquarters in Kharkiv and since 2009 we have become one of the most respected and major staffing company at the market.

We offer recruitment services for both office and remote work in the field of IT, any technologies of different level from Junior to architects and car service station. Since our foundation we have been working with companies all over Ukraine. Our customers are both large international companies and small hearty teams. We are proud of and value our reputation among our partners and clients, which we have managed to earn through the high quality of our services and professional values we practice every day.

Our mission is to create comprehensive solutions for searching and hiring the right people in the right place at the right time. We help unlock human potential needed to grow productivity and efficiency on a strategic scale.

Advantages of HumanLab:

  • Niche specialization. The IT market requires the knowledge of both information technologies and the specificity of demand of employers and employees. HumanLab is a company of single-disciplined professionals, who navigate freely within the IT sphere.
  • Client-oriented approach. Each company imposes its own requirements for the future specialist. Professionals at HumanLab will study carefully the demands of the employer, as well as CVs of applicants, will match appropriate candidates and organize all necessary meetings. These actions would result in the list of the most suitable candidates, among which the employer will definitely find the one he was searching for.
  • Knowledge of “special tricks”. People working with informational technologies have a unique mentality, which requires a special approach, because work in the IT sphere is not the process of earning money, it is a way of life. Specialists at HumanLab know how to attract and motivate the desired specialists to work at certain company.

95% of clients contact us again because they get the results they want. They say, we save their time by providing only relevant candidates. We meet deadlines because we use advanced automation tools and search technology. Expand your career horizons with HumanLab. Submit a recruitment application or send your CV.